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TRENZADO Infrared Thermometer for Adults Child Home School

Infrared ThermometerInfrared Thermometer

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer is a professional thermometer for measuring the Physical temperature, it is widely used in the family.

To show the body temperature of the subject by measuring the thermal radiation on the forehead.

The temperature setting could be set at either °C / °F Press for 8s when the device is on.
Press button once when the device is on to switch on the buzz function.
Automatic data retention and automatic switch off.
Backlit LCD display for the users to use in the dark.
Automatic range selection with a resolution for 0.1 °C / °F
Memory storage of the latest 32 measurements (press the up and down arrow keys to see the latest 32 measurements stored).
[ ! ] This thermometer can’ t replace the doctor’ s professional diagnosis.

Fever alarm with beep sound

Thermometer for AdultsThermometer for Adults

Measurement Cautions

The probe head part is the most sophisticated part of the product and must be carefully protected.
Make sure you don’t have hair, sweat, makeup or hat covering before measuring.
People’s body temperature varies with different times of the day, but also by other external conditions, such as age, sex, skin color etc.
When the forehead sweating or other causes causes the forehead temperature does not reflect the body temperature normally, please point to the earlobe after measurement, and make sure that there is no hair, sweat, cosmetics or cap cover.
After the thermometer has not been used for a long time, the first opportunity to open the opportunity for environmental temperature detection, the start-up time is extended by 1 to 2 seconds.
Please regularly clean the appliance, generally once a month, if necessary, according to the actual soiling status of the product to have a proper clean-up. If the appliance is particularly dirty, wipe the body with a wet cloth or neutral detergent, then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Thermometer for AdultsThermometer for Adults

Maintenance guide

First use

Aiming at the measured target pressing the measurement switch, the LCD displays all the numbers and characters Of the self-test

And appears a self-test screen, as shown picture this screen shows for about 1s. After the self-test a drop will be heard indicating that process has been completed and that the value of the target is displayed on the LCD.

Make sure that the measuring distance is within 1.96 inch.
Do not perform maintenance on the Thermometer during use.
To invoid electric shock, please don’t use this product near any products with electronic. Do not move the appliance too close to the electromagnetic range. (e.g. radio, cell phone)
Do not hit or drop the appliance, if there is damage, please do not use.
Don’t teardown or repair the device by yourself, which could lead to inaccuracy measured results or unacceptable.
Do not use the product in environments where the relative humidity is greater than 95%. Keep the instrument away from direct exposure to the sun and keep it in a dust-free, dry area.
When the forehead temperature is not properly reflected in the body temperature due to sweating on the forehead or other causes, measure from the earlobe.
When cleaning is required, wipe the gauge surface with alcohol.
Temperature measurements are prohibited when ambient temperature changes are large.

Memorize 32 temperatures

Memorize 32 temperatures

Infrared Thermometer for Adults

Infrared Thermometer for Adults

Infrared Thermometer for Adults

Infrared Thermometer for Adults

Infrared Thermometer for Adults

Infrared Thermometer for Adults

Quickly switch

Battery installation

Memorize 32 temperatures

Suitable for night use

Infrared Thermometer for AdultsInfrared Thermometer for Adults

Technical Specifications:

Measuring distance:

0.4 ~ 1.96 inch (1-5 cm)

Best Measuring temperature:

77°F (25°C)

Accuracy deviation:

93.2~96.9 °F deviation ±0.5 °F

Accuracy deviation:

96.8~102.2 °F deviation ±0.4 °F

Accuracy deviation:

102.2~109.4 °F deviation ±0.5 °F

LCD shows “Lo”:

Temperature below 89.6 °F (32°C)

LCD shows “Hl”:

Temperature above 109.2 °F (42.9°C)

Decimal display:

0.1 °C/°F


40000 times.


DC 3V, AAA batteries * 2 (not included)

Product Weight:

3.52 oz (100 g)

Product Size:

6.3*3.9*1.6 inch (160*100*40 mm)

Best Humidity:


Storage temperature:

-7.6 ~ 131°F (-20 ~ 55 °C)

Operating temperature:

41 ~ 104 °F (5 ~ 40 °C)

【Non-Contact】TRENZADO Infrared thermometer forehead adopts the latest infrared technology and non-contact design. Align the thermometer at the center of the forehead and keep it vertical, at a distance of about 1.2-2 inch, and press the temperature of the measuring switch to display immediately.
【Fast & Accurate】The accuracy of temperature measurement is within 0.1 °C/°F, best operating a mbient temperature is 77℉ (25°C). Please put it in the environment for about 5 minutes before use, and keep the thermometer away from any radiation items, so as not to affect the measurement results. In some special situations, there may be a deviation of ±0.5 °F
【Fever Alarm】The Infrared Thermometer have a function of 3 color backlight alarm. Shows Green at healthy range (89.6 – 99.1℉/ 32 – 37.3℃), shows Yellow at slight fever range (99.5 – 100.4℉/ 37.5 – 38℃), and the fever thermometer will emit a warning beep, shows Red at fever range (100.58 – 102.4℉/ 38.1 – 39.1℃).
【Memory Function】You can store different temperature readings for Baby Kids Adults and recall them at any time. The total 32 values will automatically be overwritten in chronological order. This adults and kids thermometer helping us to safely and reliably measure the body temperature of every family member, you can also page up and down to view each result to understand recent body temperature changes.
【Made in China】1* Thermometer forehead, 1* User Manual. (AAA*2 Batteries not included for safety) If you have any questions or product broke, pls contact us through the “ask seller” of the order. TRENZADO is committed to providing customers with the best and most comprehensive service.


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