Price: $54.99
(as of Oct 19,2020 18:43:31 UTC – Details)

PROVEN TO KEEP BREAD FRESH FOR UP TO 2 WEEKS: Designed with carefully-measured air vents, our bread box keeps the right moisture level to prevent bread from molding and staling fast. Our wooden bread box has been tested to work better than plastic or metal airtight bread boxes in keeping your bread’s freshness for longer. You’re sure to keep every slice fresh, tasty, and chewy for weeks!
PERFECT SIZE TO MAXIMIZE COUNTER SPACE : Our large capacity bread box can easily hold more than 2 loaves of bread, plus rolls, muffins and more. Its tall and multi-level design gives you roomy storage while not taking up your limited counter space. It’s the perfect bread storage even for small spaces!
DURABILITY THAT LASTS FOR YEARS: Our bread container is crafted from thick and highly durable engineered bamboo wood. Its durability far exceeds that of flimsy tin or plastic bread holders, and it’s much sturdier than wooden roll-top bread boxes with slats and low-density boards. Our bamboo panels are so strong that they are virtually unbreakable! Just see what our customers say!
ELEGANT TRANSPARENT WINDOW, SECURE MAGNETIC LOCKS: Our bread box features a magnetic door that operates much more smoothly than the roll-top lids on other boxes. Its secure lock protects your bread from beloved pets at home. A clear acrylic glass window is built-in so you can easily see everything inside. This keeps you updated on when you need to buy or bake more and stops you from allowing any unnecessary air to enter when you just want to check out your options.
BEAUTIFULLY-CRAFTED, STURDY, EASY ASSEMBLY: Our bread keeper not just stores and displays your baked goods. Its farmhouse rustic style beautifies every kitchen countertop. Every unit comes with a premium screwdriver for your easypeasy assembly. BRING THIS BEAUTY HOME TODAY!


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