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thermometer for adults foreheadthermometer for adults forehead

thermometer for adults foreheadthermometer for adults forehead

4 Step for Using Non-contact Forehead Thermometer

1. Take out the thermometer and open the battery lid to install 2*AAA batteries;

2. Keep distance at 1cm to 5cm from thermometer probe to the middle of the forehead, please do not contact forehead directly;

3. Select measurement mode and click the measurement button to start taking temperature;

4. Reading displays on the screen after successful measurement.

forehead thermometerforehead thermometer

Ten Functions of Forehead Thermometer

HD LCD Screen
Non-Contact Thermometer
High Accurate Reading
One Second Measurement
Body and Object Mode
32 Record Storage
℃/℉ Conversion
Fever Alarm
Turn Off Automatically
Voice On/Off

thermometer for adults and kids

thermometer for adults and kids

digital thermometer

digital thermometer

orehead thermometer adult

orehead thermometer adult

no touch thermometer for adults

no touch thermometer for adults

1s Precise Measurement

The thermometer is equipped with a highly precise IR sensor. Therefore, it can 1s displays the result with an error of ±0.2℃. The non-contact thermometer can be measured at a distance of 1-5 cm

Intelligent Fever Alarm

LCD backlight has 3 different colors according to temperature, and abnormal temperature is accompanied by warning sound

Automatic Data Memory

The thermometer for adults forehead can store 32 temperature groups, so you can easily track and compare temperature changes. It can also quickly switch modes between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Backlight for Reading

Non-contact technology enables accurate readings by placing the probe near the forehead. The HD LCD screen and backlight display make you read clearly at night, and one-click measurement is convenient and fast

non contact thermometersnon contact thermometers


●Correct posture:1-5cm


●Temperature Range:

For Human Body: 34.0°C~43°C(93.2°F~109.4°F)

For Object: 0°C~93°C(32.0°F~199.4°F)


For Human Body:± 0.2°C(0.4°F)

For Object: ± 0.1°C(1.8°F)

●Response Time: Less than 1 second

●Fever Alarm: Over 38°C,it gives “beep.beep.beep “ as an indication

●3 Colors Backlight LCD display: Green, Orange, Red

【Multifunction Thermometer】: The touchless infrared thermometer serves the function of switching degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit. One-button temperature measurement. The thermometer will quickly measure the temperature when the trigger is pressed and it can store the 32 data in order to compare changes in body temperature
【Non-contact Infrared Thermometer】: The adults and baby thermometer does not need to touch the body, it can be detected within a radius of 1 to 5 cm. How to use: Align the thermometer with the middle of the forehead to measure the body temperature (between the upper eyebrows) and maintain a vertical distance. Press the button to immediately display the temperature
【Intelligent Fever Alarm】: The fever thermometer has a three-color backlight color alarm function. If the temperature is within the normal range (95.9 °F-99.1 °F / 35.5-37.3 °C), the LCD will display green. If the temperature is higher than the normal range (default setting is 99.1 °F / 37.3 °C), the fever thermometer will emit a warning sound, and the LCD will display yellow (indicating that you may have a fever) or red (indicating that you may have high fever)
【1S Fastest Mesurement】: Equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology and high precision sensor, the thermometer can measure the temperature of the ear and forehead or objects and ambient temperature with highly accurate readouts. You just need to press With the next button, you can immediately provide accurate temperature within 1 second for your family
【Package Included】: 1x thermometer, 1x manual (battery is not included); It is perfect for adults and children. Focus on accurate measurement and take care of family health


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