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Zazzykid is an educational resources company that combines design, production, and after-sales service.
Zazzykid’s founder is the mother of a boy. Like most mothers, she greeted her child with simple expectations and gratitude, but with a strong desire to help her child through the formative early learning years pre- and beginning school. Having lived through the experience of raising and teaching a child herself, she has a great understanding of what benefits both parent and child during these formative years. Coupled with a background in educational products, she created tools that helped both her, and her child, enjoy learning in a positive and fun way.
ZazzyKid is committed to bringing safe, high quality learning tools to parents and children worldwide. Our toys and educational tools help children learn basic life skills through teaching as well as play. ZazzyKid products make learning fun and easy, and provide an easy way for parents, and teachers, to actively engage in the learning process with their children.
Making the Most of “My Calendar”:1. Before you start using this calendar, ask your child to pop-out the magnets, and put the Day magnets on the Weekdays box, Date magnet on the Days box, Month magnets on the Months box, Season magnets on the Seasons box, and Weather magnets on the Weather box.2. Ask your child to make his / her own Calendar by putting the correct weekday / month / date / season / weather for “Today”.3. After your child successfully completes the Calendar, give them the reward magnet “HOORAY, YOU DID IT!”4. We recommend using the Calendar every day to show the constant changes of date, season, and weather

Displays weekday, month, date, season and weather. Children can put the correct magnets into the correct boxes to make “My Calendar”
Reusable for any year. Suitable for Home, Classroom, Homeschooling, Kindergarten, etc.
It can be hung on the wall or door with the attached hanging loop
Safe & Durable: All the used materials are safe for kids’ play. Thick pieces help little kids to grab up
Measures 12.6 x 16.5 inches. Packed in a gift box. Ideal for children 3-10 years old. 2 colors are available, Pink & Blue


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